Building and Maintaining Relationships

Our reputation is built on the solid relationships we’ve nurtured. Business relationships are innately fragile and must be handled with care. 

Because of this truth, we ensure that CCMG clients also know how to approach each new connection appropriately in order to build and maintain their own relationships with trusted industry players. 

We teach our clients how to avoid spending money in the wrong places and how to maximize any budget for a growing, sustainable content career.

Clients learn our systems and expand their business models in order to become self-sufficient. We help make the connections and lay the framework for successful independent careers.


We empower Creators of color and support the CCMG mission to use the arts in media to inspire civic engagement.

We know how important it is that you stay in full control of your art. We make sure that you’re free to make the right artistic choices. Our responsive team specializes in digital administration so you’ll get 24-hour access to your account data and individual attention to your needs. Flexible packages give you full control in all phases of your career with fair rates and full ownership of your work.


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Build National Relationships

Establish National Brand Awareness


Increase Your Income

Learn Which Metrics Are Important

Monitor Your Growth


Being a creative entrepreneur is expensive and many creators miss their window of opportunity because of a lack of knowledge or a lack of influence. There are many people in the media world who are inept and quick to earn a dollar off of anyone within their reach. That makes it difficult for sincere and captivating talent to succeed. Color Coded Media Group helps clients build the basic foundation for successful careers by shortening the learning curve and utilizing proven strategies for success.

Based on our analysis of the whole picture (the “work”, the audience, the team, and market), a CCMG Agent will put together a realistic plan of action, budget, and timeline. In your first consultation, we’re looking for 4 things in our ideal client:

  • Commercially Marketable Material 

You’ll learn how to be sure that your brand content is compelling and reaching the right target market.

  • Funding for Marketing and Promotion

If you don’t already have one, you’ll work with us to develop a viable business plan that strategizes your steps toward finding more investment and funneling profits back into your business.

  • A Commitment to the Work

It’s no secret that creative businesses take a lot of work. We promise to make your company a priority and help you achieve your highest goals.

  • Willingness to Expand

The marketing and promotions industry is one of the fastest changing industries in the world. We stay up-to-date on new technologies and systems to help keep you informed about how to best represent your business.

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