Every Creator is on a unique journey.


Color Coded Media Group identifies the phase you’re in and tailors our services to fit your needs. Submit your content! We’re always looking for dope new content and creators! Help Color Coded Media Group work toward building a more equitable industry climate. We work with fresh new creators who have  nuanced cultural perspectives and we empower Creators of color to support the CCMG mission to use the arts in media to inspire civic engagement.


Green Phase Creators are just starting a career in their industry and want to design a basic business framework for their business. They may or may not have a limited portfolio. In Green Phase, our goal is to build awareness of your work in the marketplace and build a small fan base of your work.


Red Phase Creators are beginning their careers in their industry with the intention of growing their audience by building awareness both in real world and online spaces. They have the business infrastructure to support growth and are taking steps toward monetizing content.


Blue Phase Creators are building to stay independent or to attract an investor like a major media platform with the intention of signing a leveraged deal. Blue Phase clients have leverage in their industry because they’ve already generated a buzz, they have a substantial verified fan base, and they can prove to investors that the business model is viable and that there is a significant ROI.


In Black Phase, our focus is on building awareness for the Creator and brand, building a sustainable level of fame, and monetizing the content to work towards a full ROI.  Black Phase Creators build the foundation for a successful career within two years by using proven strategies of success in today’s media industries.

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